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1312012 50900 PM Last Week Typologies of Policing One way to look at the history of policing is to look at 3 different erasthese are imperfectnone of these have been used consistently in the times provided1 Political Era 1800s1930s y quasimilitaristic model y police locally authorized y very much a part of the local socioeconomic political system o under the control of local politician who controlled the hiringfiring of police officers o police much closer to local govts than today y function was that of crimeprevention law and order maintenance very high social presenceo a high degree of interaction with ppl in public spaces immigrants homeless poor y major strategy of operations was footpath walking the beat o a lot of beat police person contact o local beat cop made network with his route and the ppl on it made him able to quickly show up at scenes of crime o justice was quite swiftProblems 1 corruption y had to do with police and also dependence on local leadership2 allegations of discriminatory law enforcement y law enforcement was racist and classist thy so early 20 century citizens becoming frustrated y started to lobby the detachment of policing from govt and to professionalize policing o this campaign works and culminates in drastic changes for organization and servicedelivery f police2 Reform Era Professional EraTraditional Policing 1940s1970s
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