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University of Toronto St. George
Woodsworth College Courses
William Watson

February 7Lecture 5Introduction to Prostitution February0712 112 PM Documentary on Prostitution reduce exploitation and violence against sex trade workerspurpose for prohibiting acts relating to prostitution survival sex trade workers inability to afford education for a proper job limiting harm to workers rather than focusing on issue of causing public disruptions etcapproach these issues with education system rather than legal system programs to take workers off the street registration systems for dangerous workersclients government corruption revenue Canada not responsible for reporting illegal events just interested in getting proper portion of money Ideawork on preventative measures primarily set up safest way to conduct business otherwise yet still discourage it real harms and socialmoral harms ie sex trade worker registry available online free newspapers mailed to businesses must have memberships anonymous identities etc respect privacy like restaurants health checks of businesses allow certain number of licenses per area to decrease involvement think about the prohibition on marijuana etcindoor outdoor licensing scheme address members that may be left out or not want to use business idea etcor what is the major issue causing P
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