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Woodsworth College Courses
William Watson

February 28Lecture 6Prostitution 2 February2812 1812 PM There is no such thing as prostitution many different experiences many different economics eg safer sex trade criminalization erases crucial distinctions much activism also erases distinctions eg some feminists believe that prostitution as such is abuse post criminalization policies in other countries often recognize only certain distinctions eg outdoor vs indoor not necessarily the ones that matter to women workers challenge to policy developers recognizing diversity of experiences economies power relations focus on women in policy paper Current Framework Old Lawscriminalization of bawdy houses places habitually resorted to for acts of prostitution or indecent acts anti pimp laws living off the avails focuses on money rather than power relations New Laws 1985 law criminalization of all communication in public for purposes of prostitution 2006 law re trafficking not under challenge only 5 prosecutions under this law of women rather than trafficker Political Context long history of cities making efforts to regulate secondary effects of street soliciting but efforts unsuccessful Brock ch 345 The Toronto Constitutional ChallengeBedford v Canada challenge to constitutionality of s210 212 213 bawdy houses living o
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