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March 20Lecture 9 March2012 1308 PM The Legal Regulation of Morality and Culture through Planning Law administrative detention is not punishment ie immigration law governing risks question of unauthorized punishment in immigration detention Zoning Bylaws Origins zoning bylaws emerged in the 1920s social ecology assumed that urban spaces would naturally differentiate Chicagoschool in urban sociology the naturalization of cultural prejudices re mixing with the wrong people natural seperation of species zoning bylaws ordinances used to give legal force to separation Restrictive Covenants before zoning middleupper class family oriented enclaves could only be protected through restrictive covenants private law in Toronto Lawrence Park had one such covenant ensuring that minimum lot sizes and singlefamilydetached social relations would be maintained even after the house was sold to new owners content of covenant transferred over into first zoning bylaw 1926 similar practices popped up around North America some Canadian restrictive covenants prevented selling houses to Jews or Blacks public law could notmake these sort of restrictions but private law could Zoning bylaws Race class family status prejudices laundries subject to first onerous zoning rules in US context of Chinese immigration 1920s moral panic about apartment living even if renters were white and middle class new apartments built for young working women imbalance of lots of women and not enough men who would stay single all their lives threat to family life apartment living as creating blight even if building was well kept and people were middleclass no investment in society no families no homes no kids residential zoning split into several different categories Typical GTA residential zoning in Mississauga 9 distinct residential categories each has a minimum lot size 750sqm for single detached lot and for r8 multi unit less than 6 unites lowest is 295m for r5 townhouse each has minimum front yard 7 or 8m each has minimum size yard 2 to 25m each has minimum back yard 8 or 9m prevents certain types of lots from being beside one another People Zoning 1950s60s rise of civil rights movement human rights restrictive covenants and zoning bylaws that clearly targeted particular groups no longer valid legally over time people zoning became illegal in theory zoning and other planning rules had to now be peopleneutral Land uses and persons Legal tools that still allow indirect people zoningspecial zones eg US adult bookstores can only be located in industrial areas separation distances used in a contradictory manner separate good from bad or scatter locally undesirable land uses lulus size of household regulated through zoning eg student housing Oshawa group homes
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