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Woodsworth College Courses
William Watson

March 27Lecture 10 March2712 1307 PM GayLesbian Bookstores Canada customs and administrative Discretion administrative law is able to regulate morality more coercivelydifferently than the criminal law can provide safe space to minority communities provide specialized functions more comfortable to get a book from there supportive atmosphere has a different social function Regulating Spaces and Groups The Bureaucratic Process Canada Customs key agency regulating bookshops about 75 of shipments to gaylesbian bookstores in 1980s detained or seized most was given back to stores eventually claimed it was on purpose to make bookstores lose money here legal regulation of morality acts directly on representations culture and on spaces location of bookstore and indirectly on personsgroups customers owners being targeted by customs then places shops in high risk category profiling logic detaining books makes gay bookstores high risk double standard Canadian materials have more freedom than US made ones not a problem in administrative law by contrast with criminal law vast majority of books magazines etc sold in bookstores are not published in Canada gay bookstore looks risky because of its address if going to Chapters no problem Example Quebec Web Based Porn there are companies both huge and small and individuals like Ariel surviving on porn producing it running its websites creating the business and internet etcThe Bad Attitude Case postButler worry that all representations of sm would now be obscene under degrading or dehumanizing category R v Scythes 1993lesbian sm magazine ti
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