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January 31Lecture 4IndecencyFebruary0112 241 PM Criminalizing Relationships Among Bodies Indecency in Canadian Law indecency criminalized through relations only not on its own Crime with no Definition indecency found in many sections of Criminal code and in many judicial decisions indecent exposure indecent theatrical performance gross indecency indecent acts in bawdy house law little or no coordination of meanings bawdy house acts of prostitution or acts of indecency in code Gross Indecency aka gay male sex Judge Morgan County Criminal Court Toronto 1913 This is absolutely the last case of gross indecency that I will try I dont know whether it is the morality department that is stirring these things up or whether it is that the teaching of morals is lax introduction of police force in Toronto defined these crimes Role of Vice in Modern Police Forces Toronto police morality department created in 1886 at the beginning of a continentwide moral reform movement spike of prosecutions 191320 liquor dens gambling and heterosexual prostitution key targets but also men having sex in public restrooms and parks special squads often created to mitigate frontline corruption and bribing of beat cops but in contemporary society special centrally run squads often undertake sweeps cops on beat interact with and know local groups businesses vice squad and other central squads have no neighbourhood ties specialized vice squad spying on men etc boosts gross indecency arrest statistics sometimes created to avoid bribery of police by those conducting illegal acts Illicit Sex and Police Techniques surveillance technologies before CCTV flashlights lights in parks holes drilled through public bathroom walls ladders no crime of indecency unless evidence found photography revolutionized police surveillance 1887 in Toronto 1950s morality lights throughout Toronto parks does policing itself make private acts public Do police acts create crimeHyde specularization 116117 governing bodies as spectacles something to be looked at and how others react to them which is what indecency law does The End of Gross Indecency R v LeBeau Ontario Court of Appeal 1988 constitutional challenge s157 impermissably vague Court phrase an act of gross indecency is vague but judges know what law means a marked departure from decent conduct expected of the average Canadian in the circumstances that existed section repealed in 1988 along with seduction of female passengers on ships sexual intercourse with a step daughter or ward and buggery R v Golightly 2007 historical abuse case crown could not come up with evidence of what average Canadians thought was indecent 1970s80s Indecency and the Policing of Relations among Bodies bodies never indecent by themselves indecency names a relationeither between two bodies eg indecent assault gross indecency or between one body or its image and an actual body
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