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Lecture 4February 2 2012 February0112 242 PM Montesquieu and Montaigne Charles de Montesquieu 16891755 Laws should be appropriate for people for whom they are made against Hobbes law as inherent in everything there is no complete chaos like Hobbesall beings have laws M specifies most important laws inherent in society the nature of man state of nature is a time of peace nations must respect and do good to other nations in times of peace and the least possible damage in war leap from state of nature biggest Hobbes Locke Montesquieu very small leap Positive lawlaw established for a particular statedepend on a particular social and political culture and vary among stateshe asks why does this variety exist Kinds of Governments Republicaristocracy democracy monarchy all legitimate governments are republics and come in those three formsdemocracy as ancient Greek citystate ie Canadian involvement as citizens is voting plus minus seen more in antiquity rather than modern world leader must be virtuous need moderation and honourdanger of the mob repression of the peopleFamous principleSeparation of powersdangerous for one area of government to become all powermust have some constraint be divided moderation as restraint on the exercise of power and the treatment of others eg moderation in punishments
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