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William Watson

Lecture 9March 15 March1512 1458 PM Foucault The Dark Side of Enlightenment Papers can send outlinesdrafts for up to a week paper is an argument should be able to summarize in one or two sentences work from an outline does not need long intro come to point explain problemsummarize answer summarize how intend to prove answer respond to question originality and interest use of evidence interesting to people outside the class Weber Review Elements of Modern Legal System rationallegal authority formulates legal system legal system is bureaucraticbureaucracy have own interests structures and to extent structure social reality culture and history help create economicsocial systems legal systems have formal rationality Contributions systematic comparative law Webers pessimism about modernity democracy anticipates Foucault changes in the law and domination not much room for democracy to make much of a difference prime minister as face alone people under him as important deployed differently significance of different institutionsWeber argues bar associationlegal profession formed earlier than others and so Canada based on medieval common law Marx everything reflects economic base legal profession does not
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