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William Watson

Lecture 6February 15 2012 February1512 1449 PM Karl MarxLegacy of his ideas the NPD are still a member of the party he started the socialist international but they say they arent Marxist Hes a polarizing figure in politics because people associate him with the soviet union and its collapse and LeninInfluences German Idealism covered more in philosophy Kant HegelRousseauenlightenmentHistory is not just a random set of events with no meaning There is significance to it that we can understand and it ties into enlightenment and freedomDialectic stages of history characterized by a level or kind of consciousness As its reached and becomes entrenched its flaws begin to undermine it until it is replaced by the next stageMan is a rational and scientific being we can create progress etc DimensionsNormativephilosophical see sugg readings more political aspect talks about what happened in history and what he thinks is wrong with itSocial sciencecommitted to understanding the nature of the social system we live in and where it came from using rigorous empirical methods in his case historyLawis Marx a legal thinkerProfoundly interested in law and a lot of contemporary legal thinking was influenced by Marx Eg CLS began in 60s70s interested in laws function in reproducing and creating hierarchies of power feminist scholarship or feminist legal studies branches off from this intellectual traditionHow much do we buy this idea that lawdomination German ideology and communist manifestoMarx as enlightenment thinkerAgainst idealism for dialectical materialismBorrows the ideas but strongly critiques the German idealists Consciousness doesnt just exist its a product of historical political conditions which are a product of basic human drives for economic sustenance Private ideas do not propel history but collective consciousness derived from material relations of domination in society in any given momentdialectical materialism holds that each period represents the fruition of a social system of economic relationships that contain contradictions that propel it to being subsumedAlienation is based on two factors 1 We dont own the products of our labour If you work in a factory producing ipods Apple owns the ipods Marx thinks workers should own that ipod because they made it 2 The type of labour we do The division of labour is in part basic eg gendered but Rousseau talks about how primitive man could do all kinds of labour Today we cant The type of labour is wage labour We sell our time and capacity to do a specific thing which we do for a wage We can do other things but not for much money and we dont have much time left over to do it inOvercome byovercoming the consciousness of the dominant class Marx believed in his time it was the bourgeoisie Each time period has a good guy and a bad guy so to
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