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University of Toronto St. George
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William Watson

Lecture 10March 22 March2212 1507 PM Foucault Review Transformation of punishment from 18th to 19th century from public executions to prisons the gentle wayfrom body to soul role of professionals the Philadelphia Model consolidation of prison labour regimentation seclusion Why is there this transformation moving away from punishments representative of monarchical sovereignty arbitrary royal power cultural and intellectual shift as well government as controller over territory to idea of biopolitics regulate subjects through political power biopolitics and enlightenment Foucault thinks enlightenment as critique of institution or attempt to create neutral position of rationality in which everything can be evaluated this is oppressive have to consider processes of power creation Foucault and Hierarchical Observation correction not expiation p1789 modern era punishment is not specifically only expiation of wrongdoing but is correctionpunishment is a debt to society require repayment of debt Durkheimian assessment of wrongdoing leads to punishment also about conforming to norms element of revenge Foucault modern punishment is about correction not restoring moral balance more likereformcreating disciplined subject who will conform to norms changing behaviour patterns disciplinary punishment not just in legal system also present in other institutions like hospitals schools military punishm
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