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University of Toronto St. George
Woodsworth College Courses
William Watson

Lecture 1 and 2January 12 19Theories in Criminology January1012 1403 PM WDW300 Lecture 1 Late 17thEarly 19th Century Enlightenmentrejects religious dogmassubstituted by an emphasis on the use of human reason applied in many areas fields of study join together generalized fascination with science and mathematics attempt to apply them in other ways eg Hobbes introductory rise of other sources of power in society besides monarchy eg wealthy people mostly in Britain Hobbes Locke and other thinkers are trying to recreate politics in light of reason rather than religion trying to find a purpose for society that is purely political 16401690 in Englandpolitical turmoil with Charles Is authority he was beheaded civil war middleclass people trying to gain power in politics civil war between parliamentary and monarchy around 1640 Oliver CromwellPuritans trying to reform the church Introduction to Hobbes Leviathan 15881679 experience of civil war took on organized religion in ways that religious people would find disturbing his use of religion what are the ultimate values for Hobbes Does he really have such values Where are they found Major Questions war and how to escape it anarchy and ho
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