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Woodsworth College Courses
William Watson

Lecture 6February 29 February2912 1538 PM non punitive incarceration by the state eg rehabilitation or incapacitation to protect public or for own good Three groupschildren in hidden custody intellectually handicapped who are incarcerated mentally ill who are incarcerated Children in Hidden Custody can have civil rights infringed detained against will subject to other actions while being detained which seem to beare punishment Hidden Custodybased on UK research by Stewart and Tuttlots of children despite fact that children are being punished in custody who are incarcerated in some way without being registered as a criminal justice fact various facilities which youth courtschool systemsocial services can send children can be reasons beside criminality why youth justice can put young people into institutions based on a kind of list eg inappropriate sexual behaviour drug use throwback to old youth justice system which focused on rehabilitation of youths staff explained custody in terms of need to hold children there while determining treatment once state incarcerates or parent pays to send child to institution the institution is responsible for them and so must lock them up and keep them safe cases that proceed without youth court under the radar or children who are too young for youth court Is this a punishment physical level is the same as imprisonment not intended to cause suffering but is a side effect of holding and treating youths punishments would be removing privileges which youths are subject to within institutions Pindown scandal in SW Englandsocial work department had developed a program within these instituti
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