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Woodsworth College Courses
William Watson

Lecture 12January 1118 Introduction to Punishment Punishmentintentional infliction of suffering on a person in response to perceived wrongdoing socially approvedlegal practices formally accepted not a personal reactiongovernmentstate reaction punishment grows out of stateless societies Locke does state have to impose punishment eg or can it be private like privately run prisons it must be decided by the state punishment must be justified intrusion breach of rights is justified by principles of fundamental justice Justifications Retribution deserve to be punished unjust not to punish purposemake person suffer backward looking justified by what happened in the past all other theories are forwardlooking socially utilitarian Utilitarian Justifications Deterrencepreventing crime through the rational fear of punishment must be rational not worth committing crime specificthe offender stops him from recommitting generalpublic understands laws certainty sending a message to the public Reformor rehabilitation principle is either that the punishment will change t
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