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William Watson

Lecture 9March 21 March2112 1413 PM Privatization moral values and ideals is it right to punish for profit whether prisons are effective costefficient paying prisoners for working not for profit private prisons similar agencies providing similar community corrections services often compete to deliver these services governmentalization of the private sector Moffat shifting relationship between government and offenders cheapness of running prisons privately transfer fiscal responsibilities away from the government modern management although these initiatives break the union of correctional operators union has less power or union completely taken out important argument is not just because it is cheaper overall it is that in many states there are budgetary requirements and systems in which it is difficult for them to raise large capital expenditures to allow private corporations to build them the money would not have to come out of the budget and do not have to be raised or repaid state facilities have been strongly criticized that they are unprofessional operations that they do not respect all the rights of prisoners or are not good at eliminating recidivism if they were regarded as highly successful institutions the arguments for privatization would not be as strong private institution is also highly flexible difficult to challenge policy in state institutionsChandifficult to assess whether private institutions are cheaper to run than state institutions and difficult to evaluate the services they deliver Ontario built and ran a private prison which was highly criticized
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