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William Watson

Lecture 10March 28 March2812 1414 PM Argument for Abolition of Prisons Argument for Development of Restorative Justice Idea Aboriginals have traditional ways of doing justice which is consistent with their culture claim is that aboriginal justice is holistic brings in all elements in the offence and its resolution Aboriginal sentencingdisposition should take full account of situation and needs of the offender and incorporate an examination of psychological physical spiritual etc of offender and view of offence as disruption offender has multiple needs that resulted in the offence that need to be fixed Aboriginal model of justice arises out of these concepts crucial idea is that offender needs to accept being blamedshamed in order to move forward and as part of that process the aboriginal offender must agree to and undertake some developmental and educational processes special to the aboriginal culture which are special to the culture but also which will restore the culture and spirituality of offender and community third element is restitution to be made to victims and to community idea of a sentencing circle agreement by the offender that heshe has done something shameful and have accepted responsibility that heshe is going to progressively do something about it occurs within a situation in which offender victim and other members of community are in a process of dialogue and negotiation sentencing circle is the fix for the problem not just where the process to restore the offender is initiated Durkheim and restoring moral order through sentencing circleliberal pluralist where ideas came from recently why these ideas emerged as important feminists
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