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Lecture 4February 1 February0112 215 PM Sociology of Punishment by Marxism and Liberal Pluralism provide an account of punishment in the place of social order liberal pluralists everyone with influence is trying to get their opinion in the forefrontpunishment system must reflect the status quo and those most privileged within it justice as a propaganda justice system reflecting its view of itselfshows itself as equal although this is unfairpunishment is constantly analyzed in terms of how its ideological what its presenting to the public punishment must somehow meet the common interest else it would not function Sociology of Punishment by Durkheim end of 19th beginning of 20th century in the shadow of Marx aware of conflict in society understand the unavoidable ends and changes of society and those which can be changed depicts unavoidable concepts as positive contrast between mechanical and organic solidarity in both a unified social organization of social practices and mental life integrated into modes of solidarity society moving from mechanical to organic all punishments have one message the collectivity is more big and powerful than the individual celebrate triumph of collective over individual society itself this is the essence of punishment under mechanical solidarity where punishments are repressivepeople are inherently shocked by norm transgression and so reassert dominance of society or individual meets collective psychic inherent need sociology shows that the collective is metaphysically superior to the individual we are more products of society than society are products of us eg society as more real individual act of x is only goodbad in society good speech shaped by society societys idea of what is good rather than individual being good himself people with different normative structures
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