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William Watson

WDW365 Infanticide Lecture 2TH Oct 27 2011s237 registers homicide criminal responsibility but in relation to a murder conviction it is strongly mitigated with a maximum of 5 years raised from 3 infanticidal woman is not disturbed in the same way that would allow her to plead insanity her insanity arises from the stresses of childbirth and of exhaustion from lactationCriticism of the Infanticide Law ARGUMENT singles out women as capable of getting this mitigation unlike fathers who may do the same thing links that mitigation specifically to the idea that normal physiological processes lactation childbirth cause women to become mentally unsound criticized as the most clearcut example in law of the medicalization of womens devianceinsanity needed in order to understand why women are deviant like they are incapable womens reproductive bodies feed to the idea that they are more emotionally unstable less rational than men women are more natural beings than men are more influenced by their bodies minds emotionsCriticism of the Justice System Leading from 1922 ActEugenics Movement critics of medicalization of womens deviance are alerted to this in part because the idea of infanticide as a piece of ththlegislation arose in 1922 in the UK and that timeframe marked the end of the 19 and beginning of the 20 centuries where we see more development of ideas within psychiatric circles that criminal justice itself is somehow all wrong idea that you hold people accountable because they deserve it and are blameworthy crimes are really committed by people that are abnormal or in some way disturbed idea you can blame and punish all you wantbut this does not serve any purpose because deviance arises from insanity particularly involved in cases of women identified mothers as the carriers of criminals there are some types of women who were likely to breed criminal males and so cleanse society of women like this and sterilize them so that they cannot have children often lead to identification of mentally deficient without much evidence and morally deficient sex before marriage seen as a threat to social order also linked to idea that juvenile delinquents just come from bad parents and they can be fixed by removing them from their home environment etc1922 act examined as psychiatry saying we should distort the notions of criminal justice and that it is ju
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