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1 WDW370H1 – Youth Justice January 9, 2012 Lecture 1 Young Offenders – term that doesn’t appear anymore because under YCJA dealt with juveniles 1994-2003. Term most often used today is youth in conflict with law. Course will look primarily at youth criminal justice. Mostly to do with how state imparts justice. Will alst be looking at how the emergence of youth justice in legislation occurred in Canada in late 21 century - first form Juvenile delinquents act in 1908 o Prior to that youth were treated similarly as adults – same institution, this changed in 1908. - Changes in youth justice in 20 century, will be looking at o JDA – juvenile delinquent act of 1908 o Young Offenders Act 1984 o YCJA which became law in 2003 Longest period of time where act remained constant was between 1908 and 1984. Why was YOA introduced, what was wrong with JDA? Why was YCJA created to deal with young people? If you look at adults you don’t see real differences in adult criminal code, have not had new adult legislation where we’ve had numerous justice legislation changes dealing with young people. Why are youth in a flow of change whereas adult system not so much? Social Change and impact on legislator change 3 Perspectives - Sociological perspective - Critical analysis of youth justice system and how system deals with youth in Canada – also looking at why youth are treated in ways that they are treated. Why are some youth over represented in CJS – such as aboriginal youth. Another important perspective – youth criminal justice system from policy perspective – why have different forms of legislation emerge
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