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Lecture 3

WDW348H1 Lecture 3: Lecture 3&4

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Ted Mock

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L2-Jan 12th,, 2015
In the market, every companies pay a little different for the same position
transactional position
a reason to overpay, led the market
Over time, if an organization can not afford to pay the salary could not get too much movement.
eg: Apple can actually pay less because people all want to work in there
is the organization compensation blow the market or over the market? which one you would like
to choose
-Do a graph instead of using words
18 positions, review of the organization, across the organization, are you over or below the
you can pick up the position as much as you want, but they have to be representative if only
choose 2-3 of them
can choose 18 positions as well if you want
send the email
L4- Jan 26th
Why one job is relatively bigger than the other?
bigger jobs- different wages
1. financial responsibilities
2. management responsibilities
3. working conditions
4. physical difficulties
5. managerial jobs are bigger relatively
6. mental effort
customer service jobs→ represent the company
but the store manager have a bigger job because they take the financial responsibilities.
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