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University of Toronto St. George
Woodsworth College Courses
Sandra Bucerius

W1 WDW 380  Sex and gender difference and criminal behavior (how does it shape it)  Masculinity perspectives  How sex and gender shape reaction to a crime (are women treated more leniently by the system/ what gender stereotypes are used when judging people/ Why don’t we know which gender had the higher arrest rate for theft in Canada in 2009? Video shown in class:  Reflect the masculinity perspective  Connection between being a man and being violent/ looking at the images in the media (change in toy figurines/ the size of guns in movies changes and grown bigger  Man of color have more stereotyping  The important part of masculinity is the performance if it (become ral man trough power and control  “Gain respect”  Involved in school shooting is violent masculinity (boys killing boy not kid killing kids/  The question: why are boys behaving this way? (Blames video games and movies…. But that’s to narrow/ it’s a much larger social context/ in the 80s a clear connection between manhood and guns/  What about modern sport – being a real man by imposing yourself, gain respect by disrespecting the other (basket ball/ pro-wrestling)  Boys taught aver and over again you have to be big and strong / reducing violence involves much more then stop violent movies and games… it’s everywhere in our culture, focus on how the society portrays it  Sexualized violence: normalization of sexualized violence/ submis
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