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University of Toronto St. George
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Sandra Bucerius

W1 WDW383h  Connection between immigration and crime= by having lot of immigrants in the classroom does that mean it influence the crime rate  Policy makers have often seen immigration and crime are closely connected. But no clear answer about the connection and the existence of a connection of immigration and crime  Immigration as a process makes ppl more criminal or elevate crime rate in the country/ do ppl come as criminals/ or do ppl become criminal when they come  Violent property and drug crime: minority groups (not specifically immigrants), we see higher incarceration or crime rate and often experience a social political or economic disadvantage. However no all disadvantage immigrant groups have higher crime rate then the native born population  Why some groups have higher or lower crime rates?  In the Netherlands, Turks and Moroccans are similarly large and had similar migration history, face similar challenges in the society but Moroccans are more likely to be incarcerated. In Germany same situation again but the Turkish immigrants have disproportionately higher incarceration rates. Why ?!  Public opinion has frequently linked crime and immigration to social problem in the country/ these view are usually initiated when either crime rate increase or when the population think that crime rate is rising, or when specific event happen (9/11), or during immigration influx, What does Immigration and crime nexus mean?  On the national level = a rise in immigration should also lead to an increase to crime rate if there is a potential link. o Countries that have higher rate of immigrants have also crime rate (Canada should have higher crime rate since it has higher rate of immigrants). Research should show that immigrant commit more crime then native. Should also mean if immigrant are socially, politically, and economically equal to native born, we should still see a higher crime rate. o If all the above is true, certain policy implication should follow = control and restrict immigration and this would decrease crime rate. Immigrants already in the country would be targeted by police, control borders much more strictly o Most theory that look at the connection of crime and immigration they would support the above. o Social disorganization theory: immigrant settle in highly disorganized area and the
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