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W6 WDW365H Draft introduction: introduce topic and establish thesis (no more then 1,5 page) An outline plan [stages of an argument] Bibliography: at least 7 references Infanticide: A legal concept and its for the causation of death by the mother. In Canada covers the child up to one year of its life. Not every instance is found to be infanticide (an issue of mental illness ahs to be there (One of the only sex specific crimes) Sc233 of the criminal code: Infanticide Section 237: punishment for infanticide  The status saying child birth and lactation can make women nuts to kill there child. Given a kind of psychiatrist language. These can be seen as a sexist pathology of women, and re-enforces a stereotypes (they are frail because they are women)  This kind of talk reinforces that women are frail and unworthy of important figure. In the UK, infanticide passed in 1922 [and psychology had a significant part in the law/ and psychiatry joined in in the stereotyping of women- women’s deviance is part of them as individuals, and all women have this flaw]  In Canada, passed in 1948 Section 663 of criminal code  Women charged with infanticide and not proved that state of her mind was disturbed, she cans till be charged with infanticide. (can use this to assume that women have a mental disturbance) Section 243 of criminal code  If the body of the child is concealed, is a separate offence of concealment of birth Section 662 (4)  Whenever charged with murder or infanticide Section 242  Fail to get assistance she can be charges Concealment and neglect of support was used Late 90 century: prosecutor and judges expressed that they couldn’t get conviction in murder cases [young women weren’t married had sex and got pregnant and the men was not on the book]. They sympathize that it wasn’t faire for the women, and that they will be judged in society. Although killing the child was not normal, it was fit in the soci
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