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W6 WDW380H Sex work Academic perspective on prostitution Little research that talk about why men buy sex or sell sex, only research on the actual women who sell sex. Why so little research about men who buy sex? [Idea is there is a broad based belief that men have a strong-based desires and no need to explain why men buy sex] What about little research on the way men sell sex? [What’s to explain? Or men have many more options to earn money in other ways. If its men who sell sex to other man, research has been blind, and men who sell sex to women, there is no market] Why do women engage in prostitution?  Main reason is economics (they need money) but lots of people say there is other thing going on here Lombroso: know on work of born criminal male. How is it relevant to gender, sex and crime?  Also did a lot of work on prostitution. To understand his explanation for prostitution we need to understand his theory of criminal behavior.  He at least paid attention to women at his time/ so many of his idea continue to influence criminologist and psychologist throughout the 20 century  In his book he argued that crime is inherited/ not all crime, but most crime was committed by people called born criminals (these born criminal are biological degenerates) – could tell them by physical characteristics, and place what type of criminal they were  Atavism.  He’s drawing on Darwin’s theory. Arguing that some men are criminals are born that way, and most criminal are men. Men engage in more crime then women, because they are more highly evolved then women (but he said people who commit crime are not evolved). Said that males had to compete a lot more then women, for reproduction, for food… and as a consequence of the challenges in life, they are more evolved. The more highly evolved group, is more differentiated, and a function of this differentiation you will have less evolved males.  Decided to turn to female and to explain why females commit crime/ females haven’t had to evolve, as much/Females are pretty much all the same.  so why do women commit crime at all? He argues that there is a small group of women that are like mal atavist and can be identified by physical traits [they tend to be more male like, and differentiate from other females]. Females who commit crime are more masculine physically, emotionally  What about prostitution: females born criminal as potential prostitute as their natural form or retrogression [more like men sexually or frigidity]. Prostitution was the kind of crime most female criminal resorted to/ still thinks that prostitution is good for economy as a moral safety vowel, servicing men and letting off their sexual steam  Basically saying that prostitutes are a different kind of women/ so economic mean doesn’t explain prostitution/ people rejected the ideas or Lombroso, they still believed that prostitutes had something wrong with them Kinsley Davis:  Interested in prostitution and began writing about it. He’s view was much more charitable. Saw it as a vice that injures no one. It’s functional for society because it maintains family and protects moral women. Argued on of the major functions of society is
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