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W2 WDW380H Gender is seen more fluid compared to sex. It changes and involves over time and change even depending on different situations. The essentialist view  The relation between sex and gender is pretty evident. And sex causes gender; the relation is seen as causal. You don’t choose your sex but you can choose to some extent your level of femininity and masculinity  Interpret the differences as innate and natural and essential Social constructionist view  No relationship between the two. Sex does not determine your gender. Gender is socially constructed (something we choose, not necessarily assigned by others)  Gender is very much depending on social and cultural influence on your environment. What considered masculine or feminine depend on where you live.  Related to the process of the social construction. An interrogated view:  Certain characteristics that do play certain limit on the gender. Both biological and sociological factors interact and influence each other.  Biological constraints are important but not restrained. Gender is an individual attribute but gender is also a set of relation structures ( a basic fat of how society are organized  Many activities are gendered: (doesn’t mean women don’t do it too, but it’s done differently) sports, going to the washroom (when a female engage in a male activity, people notice and the other way around) The gender order  Way in which basic social institutions, reflect and reinforce dominant notions of gender, and gender relation in a particular society and particular time. (Gender orders are specific to space and time!)  When talking about gender order, typically all have provided man with a certain or power and advantage over women, though it cause at a cost to man. Oten we don’t question the basis for it  We dress in ways to fit our gender/ some cloths become gender by the way they are worn/ food is even gendered.  Gender is present in many aspect of our social life.  The way the criminal justice is organized is very hieratical and it is a masculine sort of organization/ the nuclear family was seen as the natural way and now with time it’s starting to change and that there are many ways to organize families Sex and gender relevant to criminology:  Why do females and male differ in the amount and type of crime they commit  Essentialist would most likely refer to biological factors (higher level of testosterone…)  But most research emphasis gender  men and women are socialized differently, and gender socially constructed. Main strain criminological theories would emphasis that gender explains the difference in crime White color crime  Masculinity theorists different among themselves. You have some basic assumption and themes of masculinity o Patterns of gender as social pheromone (gender emerges from groups and interaction among individuals  so gender is a social construction o Men throughout human history have been more privileged then women because of the social constructed nature of gender. Society is constructed in ways that allow masculine trait more desirable o The gender order produces particular social arrangements that seem natural o The ways, in which the gender order is done, depend on the particular social, cultural and economic context. o
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