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Dena Demos

WDW215 Sept.11/2012 Outline What is law? -the “official version of Law”: what is the legal world would tell us -impartial, neutral and objective system put in place to resolve conflict. -value free system  Law is an extremely powerful and persuasive  Out there to help all of us  Icon of American legal system-Lady Justice- is a metaphor as law imagines it to be  Representing law best qualities- female, often held out to be a young female, often portrait as being virginal –purity, an autonomous entity separate from politics  Blind fold- law does not judge us based on our personal characteristics  Shield and sword –protects and punishes  Scale-equity and equality, 2 sides to the story, weighting out weather the punishment fits the crime, -to bring 2 issues in some sort of equilibrium and balance Rule of law - Everybody is equal before the law and everybody is the same when dealing with us - Everybody has to fall under law rights and regulations Notion of blind justice - Treat like cases alike-precedence- to attempt to be predictable and constant This official version of law may not always work perfectly -law cannot be clearly defined Lady Justice (negative) - blind fold-naïve, cannot see changes in the society, disabled –hiding the eyes/flaws - dress-provocative, revealing, promiscuous, manipulative, suggestive -cant see the scale- guessing, manipulating(controlling it), the scale has 2 parts-only offering 2 options- limits 2 choices on how to resolve problems -sword-fighting for her type of justice, vengeful lady, law i
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