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Woodsworth College Courses
Scot Wortley

Week THREE Why do some people engage activity and others refrain from it? What is a theory? Basic components of criminological theory: Explanatory framework (set of ideas or arguments used to explain a particular phenomenon Assessment strategies (ounce a theory is develop you have to design strategies to test it) Policy recommendations Common theoretical debates: Tension between theories that focus on structure (economy...) and that focus on process (relationship building) Theories that argue that all human being are responsible of there action, since we are all conscious of our actions (vs.) We are born with a clean slate but what we are exposed to and what we experience during our lives Society is responsible for the human behaviour we observe and they are responsible for crime (vs.) people are responsible on there actions. Degrees of consensus Empirical assessment : Theories must be testable Good theories are not tautological. (circular logic) ( no empirical relationship between your cause ant effect) Must be able to operationalize (measure or document) important concepts or variable Evidence must be observable Social policy and theory : Some theories focus on changing the individual Some focus on changing local communities (new economic activity, changing the design of the community)
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