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University of Toronto St. George
Woodsworth College Courses
Scot Wortley

The fascination with female violence: are women becoming more like men? 1) The claims Stephanie Rangel case (stab six times by Melissa who was jealous of her). The article what has changed is the intensity and the perpetrators. All of this started in 1997, it marks to more recent concern about teenage girl violence. The documentary by CBC, nasty girl. Very tempting to dismiss this media hype over girl violence, but also academics were making the same kinds of claims about violence in teenage girls. For over a century, academics have been issuing warning about female crime, and the unintended consequence or emancipation and womens liberation. As women become more like men, an inevitable consequence is that women will move also into the ranks of criminals. Something distinct in 1997 is that it was more focused on teenage girls. 2) The evidence The emergence of the nasty girl in Cana dathe rate between 1974 and 2008, there is a lot of fluctuation. But no consistent evidence that women violence is on the rise. What about the rate relative to male rate. Ounce again no trend in young girl involvement in homicide is relati
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