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Scot Wortley

Week 11 10 mp 20 short answers 2 essay for exam. Gender difference in general crime statistics there is a dramatic contrast in gender for crime in general, except for abduction. Although there is a lot of concern about rising crime rate among female, but when you look at contemporary statistics there is really no worry. Across different types of crime, there is always a male dominance. The distribution of crime as a total are relatively similar for male and female (slide 6) There has been somewhat of a conversion. The gaps between male and female has decline somewhat over the past years. The ration between male and female ratio show that male are a lot more likely to commit crime, but since 1962 the ratio has lowered When you look at difference between genders among street youth, there more closely alike. In some cases it is reversed, for vandalism and minor theft, women are more alike to engage in it. Explaining the gender gap in crime: Biological theories (the impact of testosterone) Evolutionary theories Social learning theories (men and women are socialized in very different ways) The womens liberation or the sex role convergence thesis. (when women have been involved in the work force have more opportunity to engage in cbrimte proven false!) ( women still engage generally in the same time of crime over type) Whos at greater risk of violent victimization, females or males Based on official statistics, females and males have approximately equal risks of violent victimization, when considering all types of violence. Males, however, are at greater risk of serious violent victimization, according to official statistics For example, men outnumber women as victims of homicide in Canada by a ratio of 3:1 www.notesolution.com
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