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Scot Wortley

Class 12 Should the criminal justice system collect and analyse information on race, ethnicity and immigration status? Canada is a unique country; we actually have a formal ban of publication of any racial or ethnicity crime rates unlike the states and Europe. Same goes for a number of other issues not only offending but criminal justice processing. However sometimes there are studies that show this. Let to an argument for and against the release of this type of information. The argument against the collection of ethnicity Data Problems with official crime data. The data are no perfect. Difficulty of measuring raceethnicity. What is more important, the racial or the ethnic identity? Or both? How do you measure it? Should rely on self reports? By race we typical refer to skin color or visible characteristics, ethnicity often refers to your nationality. Identity and measuring thing is not easy. This may make statistics unreliable. There could be bias in the collection of the data. Data could be used to justify discrimination against particular racialethnic groups. Data could be used to damage the operation or reputation of the criminal justice system. It could be used and examine the question if everybody is being sentenced the same. Data could produce distrust between the justice system and racial minority groups. It could further damage the relationship bw minorities and the justice system. Arguments in favour of ethnicity data: Could be used to identify racialethnic bias. Could be used to identify and respond to important crime problems. RaceEthnicity data from other countries is widely available in Canada. Racialized depictions of race and crime are widespread in the Canadian media.
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