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UTSGWDW101Y1Neil WatsonFall


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2 Jan 2015
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Guest Lecture - John Rives ex-convict

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8 Mar 2011
Talking about experience in prison and justice system. Tremendous shock going from finishing a paper and then sunday incarcerated for murder and 2 atte
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UTSGWDW101Y1John VervaekeFall

Lecture Notes Policing Week 2

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9 Jan 2011
In other words, to a set of explicit or implicit normative prescriptions about the way things ought to be. It is not the mandate of the police to produ
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UTSGWDW101Y1Sarah CaskeySummer

WDW101Y1 Lecture Notes - Frederick Philip Grove

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19 Jun 2014
Frederick philip grove, lazybones (51: real interest transpires between walter and elizabeth. Contrast between elizabeth (she"s active) and walter (who
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WDW101Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Canada Border Services Agency, Execution Unit, Internal Control

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23 Nov 2012
Today we re going to talk about illegal immigration, mainly in europe and then we ll talk about deportations in the u. s. and canada. European commissi
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UTSGWDW101Y1Rosemary GartnerFall

WDW101Y1 Lecture Notes - Healing Lodge, 3 Women, Femininity

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6 Oct 2012
Gender helps to shape imprisonment more than most other areas of criminology. Sex and gender in a sense determines imprisonment. Much more fundamentall
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UTSGWDW101Y1John VervaekeFall

Policing Notes Week 1

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9 Jan 2011
Policing and the media reflection paper: 5 articles, choose one. Midterm test: 5 questions, answer 4 of them. Policing: state is providing a certain st
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UTSGWDW101Y1Sarah CaskeySummer

Harry Robinson - Coyote Tricks Owl.docx

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3 Jun 2014
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UTSGWDW101Y1William WatsonWinter

WDW340 February 29 2012.docx

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19 Apr 2012
Non punitive incarceration by the state e. g. rehabilitation or incapacitation to protect public, or for own good. Three groups - children in hidden cu
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UTSGWDW101Y1Sandra BuceriusFall

WDW101Y1 Lecture Notes - Penttbom, Immigration Enforcement, Immigration Law

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10 Nov 2012
First generations immigrants are on average lower crime rate . Too much is at stake for them to get involved in crime/ they comply with the law. The ch
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UTSGWDW101Y1Sandra BuceriusFall

WDW101Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Socialist Feminism, Libido, Radical Feminism

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17 Oct 2012
Little research that talk about why men buy sex or sell sex, only research on the actual women who sell sex. Or men have many more options to earn mone
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UTSGWDW101Y1John VervaekeFall

Policing Nov 3rd Lecture Notes

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9 Jan 2011
After 9/11, the racial profiling debate focused on arabs and. This is because the decision maker : the person can find some factor that can t rigger su
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