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Lecture 4

CHEM 212 Lecture 4: Sept. 14/2016

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University of Victoria
CHEM 212
Hamilton M.Coreen

Chem 212 Lecture 4 Sept. 14/2016 How to use stats controls on calculator: stats mode 2nd function mode M+ for adding data points RCL then xbar and sx clear= 2nd function CA Describing the variation in large data sets: -make the same measurement many time... aka replicates -Plot the data from measurements you will get normal Gaussian distribution -+/- 1SD 68% within 1 std. dev of the mean -16% on either side, tails -+/- 2 area is 95.4% within mean -problem resulting 2 std. dev reports larger range thus less value in number -95% area is within 2 -99% area is within 3 -If the data set is large then the data set describes the population -the average is mu -std. dev is sigma -If data set is small then data describes a sample -the average is xbar -std. dev is s * we use xbar and s to predict mu and sigma -Systematic error does not change to shape of the curve it changes the position along the x-axis -Effect of change in Precision, Std. dev changes but the mean does not change -confidence interval affected -mu and sigma are the true values for the population -the larger the n, the better the sample estimates the population -We will measure replicates, calculate xbar and s and use known characteristics of Gaussian distributions to make conclusions about our data -We assume that analy
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