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MUS 120B
Elisa Poole

Early chant traditionsPsalm 150 climax of the Psalter Book of Psalms is account of singing Gods praises Diatonic pitch setwhole steps half stepsMonophonic chant Byzantine empire Orthodox church of Eastern roman empire emphasized hymns unlike the Western roman church of traditional prosepoetry of the Psalter as main musical creativityGregorian chantPope Gregory I is composer He supposedly received these chant melodies through divine intervention of Holy Spirit Psalmslofty and numinous inviting spiritual repose and contemplationHymnssongs with praise of god derived from Greek pagan practice Franks addition are liturgys popular songs markedly rhythmical strongly profiled in melody Free standing songs AntiphonShort sentenceverse sung before or after psalmRespondFirst part of responsorial chant full choir alternates with soloist singing a verse to follow LiturgyPrescribed Roman order of religious service Cantuschant Cantillationheightened speech VigilDiscipline of staying up at night chantingHexachordMusical scale of 6 notes with a half step between 3 and 4 Carolingian RenaissanceAlliance of imperial and papal authority that led to short period of peaceful stability which fostered resurgence of learning and creativity Charlemagne ca 742814 is Pepin IIIs son and successor Brought Rome to triumph in 800 Crowned secular ruler on Dec 25 800 Pope Stephen asked for Pepins king of
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