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Lecture 24

NURS 342 Lecture Notes - Lecture 24: Hyoscine Butylbromide, White Blood Cell, Acute Kidney Injury

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NURS 342

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Nurs 342: November 7
In Class Notes
In Class Notes
Too much stretch you lose contractility
Indications for foley use
oUrinary retention, BPH, kidney problems
oHypotonic bladder
oStrict in and outs
What happens when urine backs up hydronephrosis
Smooth muscle relaxant
PVR- void, scan, measure
With women and catheterization detrusor muscle spasms
When do we need to measure I & Os
oAcute renal failure kidney function
oSeptic pts indicates perfusion, renal fx
oPalliative care
oHealing bed sores d/t incontinence ↑ ammonia from urine skin breakdown
Most common complications
oUTI- urine sterile, tube is not big port of infection
Bile film
oForms on tubing
oWhen bacteria collect and colonize to protect each other
oBuilds up on tubes that are inserted
oHarbours infection
Minimizing infections
oSterile technique, peri-care, cleansing tube
oSterile technique when changing bags- q7 days
oSterile technique when inserting
oBard catheters- change every week
oSilicone catheters- change every 2-3 weeks, for VIHA- monthly
oAdhering foley to leg so it doesn’t get pulled
What can be done to reduce trauma to urethra
oXylocaine jelly- instilled into urethra- freezes it
Explain procedure, purpose of procedure, build rapport with pt
Problematic with demented people & post op pts with delirium
Peds considerations
oInvolve parents
oTeach to their level
oShow what you are going to do on the doll
Gender/ cultural considerations
s/s of bladder infections
oPee after sex- #1 cause of UTIs
oBurning spasms
oElderly- confused
d/t decreased hydration, tissues change, incontinence, improper cleaning
Xylocaine jelly- into urethra
Inflate balloon w/ 10ccs
Deflating Foleys
LOOK Up: collecting urine from CBI
Difference b/w Routine macroscopic and C & S
oRoutine macroscopic- specific gravity, glucose, pH, leukocytes, nitrates
oC & S- what abx is sensitive to
Muscle spasms- buscopan
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