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Lecture 1

PSYC 100B Lecture 1: Psych 100B Lecture 1- Intelligence Day 1

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Tonks Randel

Intelligence Day 2- Jan.9.17 January 9, 2017 7:08 PM What is it? -(Intelligence):Trait or feature within a person involving the ability to learn from an experience, think abstractly, carry out a plan or offer creative solutions… IQ: -measure of intelligence derived from norms provided for standardized intelligence tests -built around a normality curve -100 being the average score, 70 (disability), 130 (gifted) Retard- origin- en retard(French): to be late  No longer politically correct- now disabled WAIS- most common intelligence scale  Overall score, plus sub-scores: verbal and performance Standardization: Important- especially for Intelligence testing  A property of tests where there is a uniform procedure for giving scores, often with reference norms (eg. IQ Tests)  Given to many people- this means avg. score is going to be what is focused on; what will be compared with other group score averages Reliability:  Property of a test of by where it is reliable it will measure the same thing time and time again- then look for similarities between the test scores Validity:  Is the test actually testing what it is supposed to? Correlational Studies:  Test is based off correlations  Problem is that it does not tell anything about causality  Proves only that there is an observable relationship Psychometric Approach:  Factor analysis- a method for analyzing the inter-correlations among various measures or test scores  Factor: 1 Factor of Intelligence: debate if there is one G or multiple intelligences Origins of Modern Models Sir Francis Galton (1822-1911):  Believed "Intelligence is inherited"  Thought the intelligent should have abundant babies so the next generations would all be intelligent Eugenics: Improve nature with selective breeding of good traits  Gave birth to the p
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