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PSYC 320
Barbara Ehlting

Reproductive Health 345Many encounters with the health care system for women do not involve illness but occur as a result of contraception pregnancy childbirth and menopause These functions have been completed throughout history with little medical assistance they became th th increasingly medicalized during the 19and 20centuries During this time college education was largely restricted to menSome critics have argued that women are burdened by giving birth in sterile impersonal surrounding are being subjected to increasingly large hospital bills for these services According to this argument birth is a natural process requiring no medical intervention Howevercomparing statistics from underdeveloped countries and fro the United States in the years before routine medical care during pregnancy and delivery death could also be as natural a processWomens more numerous consultations with health care professionals are due largely to their complex reproductive systems Not only do women get pregnant and bear children but their reproductive organs are subject to a greater variety of problems than male organsBoth female and male systems can develop problems during prenatal development producing genital conditions that are more common in boys than girls In childhood boys have more problems but by age 15 girls make more visits to health care professionals and require more hospitalizations regarding their reproductive systems Many of the methods of contraception for women not only require medical supervision but also increase health risksSexually Transmitted Diseases STDs Infectious diseases that are spread through sexual contact including bacterial infections viral infections fungal infections and parasitic infections The bacterial
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