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Lecture 1

THEA 205 Lecture 1: THEA205A01-Jan17

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THEA 205

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find more resources at THEA205 A01-Jan 17 (page 1) Front of House – Sandra Guerreiro Box office definitions: - Ticket ​: A contract between the organization (that is putting on a show) and the patron. - Dead wood: ​ A term used to desginate any and all the unsold tickets. - ​Example: Theatre can hold 200 patrons, 150 tickets are sold, and 50 tickets are ​dead wood. - Dressing the house:​ The decision to seat patrons based on the needs of the show. -​ Example: For a comedy, seating patrons closer together will make them laugh more (proximity to others laughing releases our own inhibitions of laughing). ​- Example: A thrust theatre might have a side that provides better seats for sightlines, blocking, and sound, but the box office cannot only sell seats on house left. They also want to make it appear and feel full. - Papering the house:​ Filling some of the empty seats with patrons who have not paid for admission, typically by receiving a voucher or a complimentary ticket. - House seats: ​ Seats that are held by the organization for various reasons including VIPs, box office errors, or the media. - Media seats:​ Seats designated for use by the media. - Dead seats: ​ Tickets that are designated either to be sold with caution, or to never be sold because they may be problematic for the performance. - Hard tickets:​ The physical piece of paper that represents the contract of purchase - Disclaimer: ​ A statement displayed on the ticket, at the box office, or any place seen before the show about any potentially distressing part of the show. - Restricted/obstructed visibility seats: ​ Seats with partially or entirely blocked sightlines for the show; these seats typically cost considerably less money. - Rush seats:​ Tickets that are sold at or near the last minute for a discounted price. - General admission/festival seating: ​ Seating arrangement without designated or assigned seating. - Reserved seating: ​ Seating arrangem
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