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Lecture 5

WS 104 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Gender Binary, Cisgender, Sexual Politics

Women's Studies
Course Code
WS 104
Melissa Avdeeff

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January 13, 2016
WS 104 A04
Sexual Politics
Transgender, Trans
Those who do not identify with/!t into gender binary assigned at birth
May or may not be intersex, thus not !tting into sex binary of ‘male’ or ‘female’
May or may not choose hormonal and/or surgical sex change
Opposite of transgender=cisgender
Sex and gender match to !t a binary view
Eg: masculine man, feminine woman
Outdated term?
Used to mean a person who got erotic pleasure from passing as a gender not
assigned at birth
Increasingly used to simply refer to cross-dressing for any reason
Stigma of sexual deviance
Transsexual is sometimes used for those who pass as one side of the gender binary
and make changes to their body morphology to do so
[but] transgender is increasingly used to encompass transsexual as well
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Sex reassignment
Unlike intersex, there is a HIGH degree of informed consent
Need to convince medical establishment
Medical intervention requires diagnosis:
Gender dysphoria (GD)
Strong feeling that one isn’t the gender assigned at birth—outdated
Pass the ‘real life test’ (Gender Identity Disorder—outdated term, suggests
mental illness)
Average time 3 months before access to hormone treatment
A transman is someone who was assigned female at birth and identi!es as a man
A transwoman is someone who was assigned male at birth and identi!es as a
Gender Queer
A term for those who resist labels rooted in medical history
Like trans, usually no medical interventions, but not always the case
Outside the category of male or female
Alphabet Soup
Lesbian, gay bisexual (sexual)
Transgender, Two Spirit (First Nations term), intersex (gender/sex)
Queer, questioning (gender/sexuality)
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