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Lecture 12

Outline of Lecture 12

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University of Windsor
Biological Sciences
Asish Mukhopadhyay

Outline of Lecture 12 Bone Development I. Mechanisms of Bone Formation - Arises from mesenchyme from lateral plate mesoderm, sclerotome, or neural crest 1) Endochondral ossification - It is when bone forms from calcification of cartilage (most bone arises this way) - Perichondrium forms around condensation of migrated mesenchymal cells - Chondrocytes lay down ECM/collagen, mature into hypertrophic form, then die - Tissue is vascularized, osteoblasts come in to lay down bone, get trapped and become osteocytes - Active remodeling: osteoclasts (monocyte lineage) degrade bone and osteoblasts refill it - Defects in osteoclasts can give rise to osteopetrosis - Fos required for osteoclast formation from macrophages - Src required for ruffled borders and bone resportion - In 6 week, standard bone structure arises (diaphysis, epiphysis, growth plate) - Bone is regenerated in adult in same way 2) Membranous ossification - Direct formation of bone, for flat bones of the skull II. Embryologic origin of bones A) Axial skeleton: forms from sclerotome; mesenchymal cells are moved into position where they undergo endoc
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