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Outline of Lecture 08

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Biological Sciences
Asish Mukhopadhyay

Outline of Lecture 08 Gastrulation, Organogenesis, and Embryonic Folds Great diagram on p. 4 of notes! I. Gastrulation - Gastrulation is movement of cells from epiblast to inside (begins at 2 weeks) - Embryonic axes become apparent, germ layers formed, cell fates are restricted - Primitive Streak - Found on dorsal midline, posterior - Epiblast (dorsal side) cells move to streak, through, then spread away - Primitive node moves anteriorly during this process - FGF8 signaling may be important for this process II. Ectoderm - Arises from epiblast, hence is most dorsal - Tissues formed: 1) Neural plate (anterior) folds up into a tube and gives rise to CNS 2) Surface ectoderm that surrounds neural plate becomes epidermis 3) Neural crest cells (freed from the two structures above as neural tube pinches off) migrates throughout embryo and gives rise to lots of cell types III. Mesoderm (see pictures, p. 5-6) - Notochord (axial component): regulates development, but disappears later - Paraxial: pinches off into somites, and somites divide into: - dermatome (most dorsal), gives rise to dermis - myotome, gives rise to skeletal muscle of trunk - sclerotome, gives rise to axial skeleton - Intermediate mesoderm: gives rise to
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