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Outline of Lecture 07

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Biological Sciences
Asish Mukhopadhyay

Outline of Lecture 07 Patterning a Simple System II I. Overview - Maternal genes determine A/P and D/V axes, which regulate… - Zygotic gap genes begin to set up segmentation, which regulate… - Zygotic pair-rule genes establish finer segments, which regulate - Zygotic segment polarity genes establish direction of each segment - All three zygotic gene classes regulate homeotic genes, which direct development of each segment II. Pair-rule Genes - Role is to roughly establish parasegments; each pair-rule gene is expressed in alternating parasegments - Multiple + and – cis acting enhancers that respond to gap genes restrict expression to stripes - Stripe patterns are out of phase, so each row expresses different combination of pair-rule genes - Pair-rule genes are txn factors that control expression of segment polarity genes A) Example 1: Expression of hairy in stripe 6 - Only a single hairy gene; different upstream regulatory sequences that control expression in each stripe - Hairy is activated by Knirps but is outcompeted by Kruppel repression, which completely determines where the hairy stripe is B) Example 2: Expression of eve in stripe 2 - Also only a single eve gene, regulation analogous to hairy
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