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Variety of metabolic fates

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Biological Sciences

PYRUVATE CROSSROADS Variety of metabolic fates depending upon cell type and metabolic state Anaerobic Lactic Acid Alanine Ethanol Aerobic TCA Cycle Gluconeogenesis (liver, kidney under energy rich conditions) PYRUVATE  LACTATE (CORI CYCLE) cat. by LDH 5 isozymes, vary depending upon tissue type varying affinities for lactate and pyruvate heart: LDH1 – high Km (low affinity) for pyruvate low Vmax for pyruvate  lactate inhibted by pyruvate **favors pyruvate for use in TCA Cycle** muscle: LDH5 – low Km (high affinity) for pyruvate high Vmax for pyruvate  lactate **favors lactic acid for glycolysis** pyruvate reduced (to lactate) NADH oxidized (to NAD)  glycolysis can continue Cori Cycle: pyruvate reduced in muscle lactate trans. to liver and is reconverted to pyruvate for gluconeogenesis new glucose is sent to muscle again PYRUVATE  ALANINE (GLUCOSE-ALANINE CYCLE) occurs when protein is being broken down alpha-keto glutarate  glutamate (from broken down muscle) alanine pyruvate interconversion catalyzed by ALANINE AMINOTRANSFERASE pyruvate  alanine in muscle alanine to liver reconverted to pyruvate for gluconeogenesis **very similar to Cori Cycle, BUT involves generating ammonia** Pyruvate Carboxylase – involved in first
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