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Lecture 05

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Biological Sciences
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Outline of Lecture 05 (02-19 A; Linden) Membrane Potential 0. Fundamental Concepts + 1) Resting potential is –70 mV, close to E dKe to open K channels 2) Ion distribution gives rise to different equilibrium potentials via Nernst eqn - High Na outside (E = 64 mV) , high K inside (E = -86 mV) 2+ Na - K - Very low Ca inside (E = Ca6 mV), high Cl outside (E = -78 mCl 3) Due to very low capacitance of membrane (5 pF), very few ions most move to achieve equilibrium (Q = CV) 4) Current flow through ion channels can be approximated with Ohm’s Law I. Passive current flow (aka cable property of dendrites and axons) A. Basic observations - At steady state, a point depolarization ΔV is graded: it tails off exponentially according to length scale λ, a measure of the relative resistance of the membrane and axoplasm - Due to resistance (ion channel) and capacitor (neuronal membrane) in parallel, upon current pulse voltage asymptotically increases to steady state value according to time constant τ, the product of resista
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