55-140 Lecture Notes - Antigen Presentation, Lysosome, Growth Factor

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Functions –
nutrient/oxygen delivery
maintain vascular integrity (clotting factors)
defense of organism
Proliferation and differentiation:
all cells from a common stem cell that either differentiates or divides
differentiation is irreversible and eventually leads to cell death (not division)
Lymphoid (immunity)
Myeloid (rest of blood)
growth factors (CSF’s) dictate all steps of differentiation
too much: leukemia/lymphoma
too little : anemia’s
40% of blood
120d lifetime
Red Cell Maturation:
Pronormoblast Basophilic normoblast polychromatic
orthrochromatic (can no longer divide) reticulocyte
reticulocyte: contain polyribosomes, mitochondria, but mostly HG
RBC: no nucleus, only HG
biconcave disk b/c of cytoskeleton; still quite flexible
spherocytosis: ball shaped b/c of cytoskeleton disorder
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