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Chapter 1 Think Marketing 20130517 241 PM 1 Learning Objective 1 define the term marketingMarketing is an organizational function and a set of processes for creating communicating and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholdersMarketing is involved with developing and managing the companys products services and ideas promoting and pricing the companys offerings and distributing the companys offeringsreferred to as the 4 PsMarketing has 2 facets o i a philosophy attitude or business management orientation that stresses customer satisfaction o ii a set of activities used to implement this philosophyExchange o Doesnt always require money o 5 conditions must normally exist for exchange to happen although exchange wont necessarily always happen when these conditions are present However marketing can occur even if an exchange doesnt occur1 There are at least 2 parties2 Each party has something that might be of value to the other party3 Each party is capable of communication and delivery4 Each party is free to accept or reject the exchange offer5 Each party believes it is appropriate or desirable to deal with the other party2 Learning Objective 2 describe 4 marketing management philosophiesThere are 4 competing marketing management philosophies production sales marketing and societal marketing orientations A Production OrientationPhilosophy that focuses on the internal capabilities of a firm rather than the desires and needs of the marketplaceWhat can we do best What can our engineers design What is easy to produce given our equipmentIn a service organization What services are most convenient for the firm to offer Where do our talents lieEx furniture industry which disregards its customers and has slowcycle timesProblem it doesnt consider whether these goods and services produced most efficiently meet marketplace needsSometimes but not usually it produces something which is exactly what the market wantsEx 3M which made Postit Notes a year before a commercial use was identifiedEx Clodhoppers candyThis orientation can prosper when competition is weak or when demand exceeds supplyB Sales OrientationBased on the ideas that people will buy more goods and services if aggressive sales techniques are used and that high saleshigh profitsSales to final buyer are emphasized Intermediates are encouraged to push products more aggressivelyIn this case marketingselling things and collecting moneyProblem lack of understanding of the needs and wants of the marketplace or what is important to their customersdespite the expertise of their salespeople they cant convince people to buy things they dont wantneedEx 90s dotcom businesses which are now extinct because of focus on technology rather than the customer C Marketing OrientationObtain information about customers competitors and marketsExamine the information from a total business perspectiveDetermine how to deliver superior customer valueImplement actions to provide value to customersStates that the social and economic justification for an organizations existence is the satisfaction of customer wants and needs while meeting organizational objectivesSales dont depend on an aggressive sales force but rather on the customers decision to buy or notMarketing concept o 1 Focusing on customer wants and needs so that the organization can distinguish its products from competitors offerings o 2 Integrating all the organizations activities including production to satisfy customer wants o 3 Achieving longterm goals for the organization by satisfying customer wants and needs legally and responsiblyKey to success deliver experience that competitors cant match and satisfy target buyersEx Marriotts very active and physically present managerEx Burton Snowboards who consult with professional ridersUnderstanding customers and competition is a critical aspectEx Western Union which failed to define its arena as telecommunications and ended up being ousted by fax technology D Societal Marketing OrientationSocietal marketing orientation an organization exists not only to satisfy customer wants but also to preserve or enhance individuals and societys longterm best interests o Less toxic products o More durable products o Products with reusable or recyclable materialsEx Turtle Wax car wash that has biodegradable products and detergents and recyclable plastic containersDiscussed well over 30 years but didnt get widespread support until early 2000s when climate change health and natural resources concerns arisedStudies of customers and this subject have various results o Consumers want to help the environment but theyre not willing to pay higher prices to do soEx Coca Cola spending 44 million to build largest plasticbottletobottle recycling plantSocial marketing orientated companies differentiate themselves from competitors and strengthen their position
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