Sexual harassment Notes for 01-150

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General Arts and Social Sciences
Christine Knapp

• Sexual harassment is illegal • Examples o Graphic or sexual commentaries o Gender-based harassment o Sexual favours o Gestures/innuendoes/language/joking/taunting o Sexual solicitation or advance o Physical contact o Display of sexually offensive material o Inappropriate questions • sexual harassment is often an uncomfortable, unwanted, embarrassing, and non-consensual experience • sexual harassment is about power and control over others • types of sexual harassment 1. traditional sexual harassment  when the harasser is in a position of power over the target 2. peer to peer sexual harassment  when the harasser and target are peers who share equal amounts of power in one area 3. contrapower sexual harassment  when a person who is not in a position of power sexually harasses a person who is in a position of power • In 2008, 73% of uwin students had experienced verbal or non-
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