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Lecture 3

Philosophy 34-129 Lecture 3: Lecture Notes on Feminism, Religion, Relativism & Moral Criticism

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Mark Letteri

Ross • Takes Kant’s, makes it more accessible • Ex. When we make promises, we don’t make calculations on consequences • We act more spontaneously • You don’t have one rule, you have many rules, therefore many obligations (ex. obligations towards family, life partners, team players, friends, employers, neighbours) • Various interpersonal relations  various interpersonal obligations • Prima facie duties: general (if rules apply, depends on situations) and conditional • Actual duties: specific and binding o Choose which obligation is first priority • Role of context and “considered opinion” • Conflict of duties • Intuition and discretion • Rules of duties: o Do no harm MacIntyre • Patriotism (Devoted to your nation) • You must only think of your duty, no exceptions • Patriotism: virtue or vice? (vice) • Devotion to one’s nation as such in its concreteness • Morality: impartial, abstract • Liberal morality: rational rules, neutral, “anti-social” • “where and from whom” I learn morality • I find my happiness in a particular community • Loyalty to community = virtue • Liberal morality: no limit to criticism  danger • Communitarian approach: some permanent exemptions  moral risk • Communitarian approach: reciprocity (motivation) Held • Universal not gender-neutral “universality” of ethics • Male: reason/public/form-human • Female: emotion/private/matter-nature • Maternal care and household (a motherly model of how live a moral life
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