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Lecture 5

Philosophy 34-129 Lecture 5: Lecture Notes on Love, Sex & F..
Philosophy 34-129 Lecture 5: Lecture Notes on Love, Sex & Friendship

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University of Windsor
Mark Letteri

Kant (sex)  Appetite to enjoying another human being  Appetite: “object of indulgence”  the word “appetite” is too broad  You need to eat and drink to live, not sex  Love vs. appetite  “degradation of human nature”  Destruction of moral relations  Kant says: Desires the sex of another (the body)  “perfectly formed human beings”  Morality constrains sexual actions  Kant says masturbation is morally wrong  Body + self = whole person (humanity)  “Sex outside marriage is immoral.”  Marriage is two bodies own each other  Dyadic marriage as “mutual ownership”  Wife has only a portion of her husband  Crimes of the flesh Goldman  Sex  physical contact  Means-end vs. “plain sex”  Sex is a means to achieve the end of love, communication  Sex is being in contact with another person in a pleasurable way  There’s pain doesn’t mean there’s no pleasure (enough pleasure is needed to keep it going)  Kant  Love is good, sex (appetite) is nasty; Goldman  sex is not necessarily bad  Reproduction not primary purpose  Past sexual morality as rational strategy  Love and sex can be conjoined but are fundamentally different o Romantic love, family love, love between friends  Love is long-lasting, selective  No moral reasons for love and sex to go together  There shouldn’t be a double standard (ex. men or women sleeping with other people)  Platonic-Christian moral tradition  No morality
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