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HHG4M Library Research Due Date: Oct 9, 2013 Name: Angel Haynes 1. State your topic of interest. The impacts bullying has an adolescents behaviour and mental health 2. Brainstorm for at least 10 different key words and/or phrases that you could use for searching for information on your topic. • Bullying • Teen bullying • Bullying impacts • Negative impacts bullying has • Bullying has negative impacts • Bullying and mental health • Consequences of bullying • Being bullied impacts adolescents • Being bullied negative impacts • Bullying negatively impacts adolescents • Bullying negatively impacts teenagers/teens 3. Use these key words to find five different research-based sources on your topic. Record all the specific details about these four sources below. Date Internet Address (specify URL exactly) Author Date Title retrieve d from the World Wide Web Brown, 12-01- Bullying Sept Stephen L; 2005 Perspectives: 12, Birch, Experiences, 2013 David A; Attitudes, and Kancherla, Recommendations Vijaya of 9- to 13-Year- Olds Attending Health Education... The 03-14- THE EFFECTS Sept %3B42922740 National 2001 OF BULLYING 15, AND WHAT TO 2013 DO ABOUT IT 02-26- Bullying And Sept Tell Me 2013 Psychiatric 15, set=search&dictionaryClick=on&secondaryNav=&groupid=1&requestid=lib_canada&resultid=27&edition=&ts=72359C7BC3D9A19792E16A31150F1EC0_1380547855694&start=26&publicationId=&urn=urn%3Abigchalk%3AUS%3BBCLib%3Bdocument More Illness Linked 2013 %3B213963661 The Globe 09-16- Bullying can lead Sept and Mail 2013 to lifelong 20 problems 2013 4. From the above four sources, choose any two and summarize the content of each in 100 words. Attach your summaries to this assignment. 5. Explain the difference between a professional journal and a magazine article. A professional journal is backed up with research and facts and created by credited members of society whereas a magazine article is made to inform and entertain the public and is created by general members of society who have looked at research done by a credited person. 6. Locate one professional research-based journal and record the information. Author Date Title Name of Date Internet Address (specify URL Journal retrieved exactly)
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