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Lecture 3

Psychology 46-228 Lecture 3: Notes on Introduction to Anxiety and Panic Disorders

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Lecture 3 on Anxiety: Introduction, Panic Q #2: Brain - hyp. Construct?  DO we attribute properties to the brain?  Do we agree what the properties are? Q #5: Causes of problems  Systems of psychotherapy are based on theories  Understanding the assumptions about what each theory claims about the nature and causes of disorders o Psychoanalytic o Ego psychology o Person-centered (be genuine to self) o Classical conditioning (Pavlov)  development of phobia; experienced or harmed by certain situation (single trial learning)  PDS o Operant conditioning  substance abuse (society reinforces the problems/conditions)  ex. gambling (cons: doesn’t explain the cognition, the thought of encouraging the behaviour) o Social learning (Bandura) o Cognitive behavioural therapy  the types of thoughts that produces the disorders (ex. "I'm worthless" causes people to have depression) o Interpersonal psychotherapy  deficiency in personal relationships Q #12. Statistical/clinical sig.  Example  SSRIs for depression o What makes an intervention statistically significant? o What makes an intervention clinically significant? o How to test effectiveness? o Drug vs. placebo control o Statistical significance: the groups are different with a small chance that his is an error o Clinical significance: the treat
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