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Lecture 10

Psychology 46-228 Lecture 10: Notes on Suicide

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Lecture 10 on Suicide Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy  Aaron Beck (1987) o The client and therapist work together as collaborators o The goal is to identify and change the client's maladaptive thinking patterns o Monitoring of daily activities, thoughts, and mood (focus on the present) o The goal is to identify and test the validity of "automatic thoughts" and underlying assumptions about the world o Challenges clients' personal belief systems Cognitive factors  Self-evaluation  Self-talk  Automatic thoughts o In social situations, presuming other person dislikes you, or thinks you are stupid  Irrational beliefs  Overgeneralization  Catastrophizing  Pessimism Irrational thoughts (examples)  I cannot be happy unless everyone likes me  If I do what is expected of me, my life will be wonderful  Bad things don’t happen to good people  Good things don’t happen to bad people In the end, bad people will always get punished   If I am intelligent (or work hard), I will always be successful A. Ellis - "Musterbation" Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT)  Focus on resolving problems in current and forming new relationships  Four possible interpersonal issues o Dealing with interpersonal role disputes o Adjusting to the loss of a relationship o Acquiring new relationships o Identifying, correcting social skill deficits  Effective with depression and dysthymia Talk or Behave?  "discussing in details" promotes rumination; encouraging thinking about causes  Learned Helplessness model  "Engaging in pleasurable activities"  act like you want to feel Mindfulness  Deemphasize attachment to reality of thoughts  Worry about being mindful enough?  To change the way the patient reacts at negative thoughts, rather than trying to suppress negative thoughts Relapse  As depressive episodes tend to remit naturally in 3-9 months, preventing or delaying reoccurrence of mood disorder becomes the go
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